Fujifilm Pro Lustre 295gsm 24 Inch x30m Roll7010013170

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Lustre PRO Photo Paper is a fast drying high lustre resin coated paper for photo realistic image printing. This 295gsm paper has a special high quality ink receiver and double sided polyethylene coating giving excellent photographic image quality. This media is also available in 24 and 44 inch 30m rolls Printer Compatibility All piezo and thermal inkjet printers Ink Compatibility Aqueous pigment/dye Handling Recommendations Use gloves when handling media. Before finishing, allow approximately 24 hours for total drying. Storage & Use Recommendations Product should be stored under cool, dry conditions in its original packaging. Temperature: 10-30° C Relative Humidity: 20-60%  *Use of aqueous dye ink will dramatically reduce image longevity. To determine longevity, testing in actual display conditions is required.

Key Features:

  • Fast Drying High Lustre Resin Coated
  • Double sided Polyethylene Coating
  • Available in 24 in, 44 in and 30 m rolls.
  • Compatible with Peizo and Thermal Inkjet Printer
  • Aqueous Pigment/dye*
Fujifilm Pro Lustre 295gsm 24 Inch x30m Roll

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