Fujifilm Instax Wedding Bundle Plus Mini 9 White Camera7010014144

  • Cost:

    • £142.49 inc VAT
    • £118.74 + £23.75 VAT

Fujifilm Instax Wedding Bundle contains everything you need to add a little fun to the most memorable day of your life.  Stickers, pens an cutouts will add a special individuality to your scrapbook.  A frame containing 5 mounts for use after the big day can be rested on the easel provided to display the included instructions.  Just lay the props out and let your guests have extra fun as they help celebrate this amazing day with you.

Key Features:

  • Photo Frame with Easel to display included instructions
  • Frame contains 5 picture mount for use after the wedding
  • Scrapbook, tapes, stickers, cutouts and pens to make a memorable guest book
  • Props to make funny pictures
Fujifilm Instax Wedding Bundle Plus Mini 9 White Camera

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