Fujifilm Frontier DE100 PrinterFUJIDE10

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The Frontier DE100 is a compact inkjet photo printer that produces high quality images on a variety of photo paper types. Its flexible system configuration supports a wide variety of print products to satisfy an extensive range of digital photography printing opportunities.

  • Flexible System Configuration for Diverse Customer Application
  • To fit your business needs, the most effective system can be configured by combining up to four or more Frontier DE100s along with software and optional equipment.
  • Smooth and Sharp Print Image Quality
  • The Frontier DE100 uses 4 inks, which produce beautiful prints with exceptional granularity and sharpness resulting complete customer satisfaction.
  • Highest Quality with most precise placement of ink droplets
  • Combining ViViDiA D-photo high viscosity 4-color inks developed with our proprietary technology and a high resolution (1,200 x 1,200 dpi) printhead facilitates precise jetting of 1-picoliter ink droplets on photo paper. Sharp images are created by preventing misaligned jetting, which can produce a rough print surface and ink deformation.
  • Expand revenue and meet customer trends with surface flexibility and high quality thickness
  • Unlike dye-sublimation printers limited to standard paper sizes, the Frontier DE100 supports a variety of paper sizes (89 x 50 mm–210 x 1,000 mm), including square prints that have been popularized by smart phone apps, wallet prints, and banner prints for room decorations.






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Fujifilm Frontier DE100 Printer

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