Fuji Crystal Archive Type 2 G 5 In x186m MOQ PALLETT OF 841041488

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Metric Width 12.7cm Priced Per Roll, Minimum Order Bulk Unboxed Pallet Qty 84 Rolls, 12.7CM X 186M (5") Bulk unboxed

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type II is an RA4 processed, RC (resin coated) color print paper. A traditional color paper that is designed for optimum performance from conventional color darkroom processing.
Ideal for meeting professional photographers' needs for exhibitors, advertising and other commercial photo applications, this paper delivers rich tonal gradation, vivid color reproduction, exceptional sharpness and unsurpassed color stability.

  • High D-Max for deep, rich blacks, vivid colors and crisp text
  • Vivid and saturated color reproduction resulting in vibrant yet accurate colors
  • Excellent contrast with ideal gradation balance for a rich tonal scale and unbiased grays from highlight to shadow
  • Recognized color image stability for unsurpassed color fidelity and longevity


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Fuji Crystal Archive Type 2 G 5 In x186m MOQ PALLETT OF 84

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