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Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit

The Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit is a great starter kit for those interested in exploring alternative print processes. Teaching you all you need to get started on the Salt Printing process.

A process which goes back to the very dawn of photography, Salt Printing follows Fox Talbot's original method of forming light sensitive silver salts within the surface of a paper. This is then exposed by contact printing to a same sized negative to produce a luscious & unique warm-brown print. 

The buckle brush was devised by Fox Talbot and is a simple & ingenious method of coating using a glass test tube filled with cotton wool, this is included as part of the 'heritage' aspect of the kit.

The Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit contains:
5 sheets 8x10" Canelleto paper
5 sheets 8x10" Digital contact film
2ml syringe
250ml each of: Salting solution, Silver solution & Stabiliser
Protective gloves
Buckle brush
Full instructions for use.

Additional items required but not supplied are:
Ammonia, required to activate the silver solution, available from most pharmacies
Additional applicator, any alternative brush, acrylic rod, swab or roller of your choice will be suitable. Though the applicator used must have no metal parts in contact with the solution as this will react with the silver to contaminate it.

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Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit

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