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Fotospeed Argyrotype Kit

The Fotospeed Argyrotype Kit is a great starter kit for those interested in exploring alternative print processes. Teaching you all you need to get started on Argyotype process.

Argyotype is contact printing process that produces beautiful warm-brown images in finely divided silver. It is a process ranked alongside Van Dyke Brown and Kallitype. It was devised relatively recently by Dr Mike Ware as an alternative to those old processes.

The Fotospeed Argyrotype Kit contains:
5 sheets 8x10"
Fabriano 5 HP paper
5 sheets 8x10in Digital Contact Film
2ml syringe
50ml bottle of Argyrotype Sensitiser
2 coating rods, a 4" and a 7"
140gms of Hypo Crystals
Protective gloves
Full instructions

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Fotospeed Argyrotype Kit

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