Fomatone MG Classic 132 Matt 16x20 10 Sheets49182

  • Cost:

    • £47.54 inc VAT
    • £39.62 + £7.92 VAT
  • Product type (b&w/color): b&w
  • Paper base: fibre base (FB)
  • Surface: matt
  • Surface color: warmtone
  • Contrast: variable

Fomatone MG Classic FB is a variable contrast fiber-based paper with green-black image tone. The contrast can be controlled using color filters during exposure with results ranging from extra soft to ultra hard.

Depending on the developer, the image tone can be varied from slightly warm to very warm, but will always have a green tint. The special silver chlorobromide emulsion makes the paper particularly well suited to lith-development and allows your creative side to come out. Due to its low sensitivity and classic emulsion, Fomatone MG Classic is particularly suited to contact printing. In some lith developers, Fomatone produces bright red results. Fomatone MG Classic FB comes with the following finishes:
Fomatone MG Classic 131 and 132 – (FB) paper (double weight): o glossy and matte

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Fomatone MG Classic 132 Matt 16x20 10 Sheets

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