Fomabrom C111 Natural Gloss 18x24cm 25 Sheets19950

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Size: 17,8x24 CM (7x9,45 INCH)
Sheets: 25
Surface: Natural Gloss
Paper Grade: Hard (4)
Darkrom Safelight: Red/Orange/Yellowgreen
Image Tone: Neutral Tone
Base: Fibre based 255 g
Whites: Bright white
This box contains: 1,07 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)
Fomabrom Fiber-based Paper
Neutral-black graded paper with high light sensitivity.

This neutral-black fiber paper with its 180g double weight base is very similar to the BN Universal and older Agfa papers. In reality, Foma had a very close working relationship with Wolfen during GDR times, and the Foma machines produce - as much as the machine will allow - a paper with very similar characteristics.

The light sensitivity is also similarly high, the image tone is somewhat warmer than the Polygrade Coldtone - but definitely colder than the Polygrade Warmtone.

This paper is compatible with lith printing.
Depending on the lith developer and dilution, this paper can give beautiful red tones in the highlights.

This paper regularly produced in glossy, but we have matt available from time to time. Grades "normal" and "hard" are usually available, and "soft" is also available but not always on hand.

100-sheet packs are unfortunately NOT available for this graded paper. Paper can be used with red, orange, or dark green darkroom light.

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Fomabrom C111 Natural Gloss 18x24cm 25 Sheets

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