Foma Retropan 320 135mm 36 ExposuresV11701

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Forma Retropan 320 135mm 36 exp

Retropan 320 is a panchromatically sensitized special negative black and white film with fine grain, good resolution and contour sharpness. The film is characterized by a wide range of half tones and soft light which makes it suitable for photography and subsequent contact printing or “retro” style enlarging of negatives (photographs of still lives, architecture, experiments, landscapes, portraits, etc.).
Because of its wide exposure latitude you can overexpose by 1 EV or underexpose by 2 EV and still get impressive results.

At present Retropan 320 is available in 35mm bulk formats and sheet sizes.





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Foma Retropan 320 135mm 36 Exposures
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