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Film Washi is a new handcrafted photographic film, made with traditional japanese paper and compatible with all kinds of large and medium format cameras.

  • Film Washi is a black and white photographic film developed from traditional paper, Washi. Made for centuries in Japan, this paper combines just the right physical properties with a unique aesthetic: strong, flexible and transparent, Washi is the ideal medium for creating a hand-crafted photographic film.
  • Film Washi has a basic sensitivity of 25 iso when process in Tetenal Eukobrom at 1+1 dilution (you can reuse the solution for several rolls or sheet-film).
  • This Film is orthochromatic: sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum while being relatively insensitive to the red. This means that Film Washi can be handled under a red safelight (> 545nm).

Easy to handle and develop, Film Washi is available in conventional photographic formats: 120, 620 and 4x5. It is processed in normal black and white paper developer. As an handmade product, Film Washi must be carrefully clean with cold clean water to ensure optimal conservation of the negative. Each film is sold with a technical data sheet detailing how to expose and process it. The negative can then either be scanned or printed by contact or with an enlarger. Only traditionnal prints or transparency scan can reveal the full potential of Washi negative. Simple scan would give an overexposed veil over the picture.

As Washi large format films are much thinner and flexible than regular sheet-films, it could be sometimes harder to load in film-holders. To make this operation easier, you can place a piece of photo paper of the same size above the Film Washi and load it together. Then you can take away the photo paper and leave the sheet-film in position.

Film Washi 25 35mm 16 Exposures

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