Clippy Silver Medium Tote Bag Holds 18 PhotosPB240

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The original Clippy photo tote bag has pockets that can be personalised with your own photographs, fabrics and mementoes.

Fill with postcards and shells from a holiday, add some family photographs or Personalise one for a friend as a thoughtful present.

Our medium sized tote bags is fantastic as a school bag or shopping bag.
The most fashionable way to store your favourite photos, What will you put in yours?

The medium Tote bag has 18 pockets. Each pocket is 9cm x 11cm. All our bags come with handles that can fit on your shoulder.

The bags do not come with ribbons, photos or bag linings - they come with packaging, inspiration and instructions for you to DIY!

Clippy Silver Medium Tote Bag Holds 18 Photos

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