Bockingford Inkjet 190 gsm A4 20 SheetsBFI190A4

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Bockingford Inkjet is the answer for artists who wish to create their own limited edition prints. Fantastic prints can be reproduced to look like the original, when using a good inkjet printer.

Artists familiar with the original Bockingford watercolour paper will recognise the same beautiful surface on Bockingford Inkjet. It is made in the same time-honoured fashion as Bockingford watercolour paper using a traditional mould machine.

Unlike other artist inkjet papers, Bockingford Inkjet has an ink receptive coating on both sides of the sheet, allowing limited edition books and portfolios to be created.


  • Bockingford watercolour paper
  • Traditional mould made watercolour paper
  • Double sided coating
  • Durable coating
  • Archival


  • Identical surface to Bockingford 190g/m² (90lb)
  • Authentic watercolour paper
  • Cards, limited edition books, portfolios etc
  • Print resists scratching and scuffing
  • No discolouration of the paper over time
Bockingford Inkjet 190 gsm A4 20 Sheets

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