Bergger Print Film 11x14 inch 25 SheetsBER-PF-111

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BERGGER PRINT FILM is coated on a 175 microns PET base, for an easy handling. It is mainly sensitive to blue radiations, and is almost blind past 500 nm. Consequently it is perfectly usable with a traditional darkroom safelight.
BERGGER Print FILM photosensitive emulsion is yellow tinted and is very resistant to scratches. A very efficient undercoated anti-halation layer provides a maximal resolution.

The red tinted backside has anti-static properties.

BERGGER Print FILM will be available at the beginning of september in the following sizes : sheets 4x5 – 5x7 – 8x10 -11x14 rolls 50,8cm x 10 m – 108 cm x 10 m

Mainly dedicated to darkroom use, and especially the making of interpositives and internegatives. It is a continuous tone film, which contrast is easily under control during the processing step.

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Bergger Print Film 11x14 inch 25 Sheets

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