Bergger Prestige Variable CBS FB Semi Gloss 8x10 Inch 10 Sh1010011

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BERGGER VARIABLE CB is a polycontrast baryta paper with warm tones. It belongs to the family of chlorobromide papers, therefore, DMax is very high.

PRESTIGE VARIABLE CB is able to produce both soft picture, and a hard grade picture, due to the incorporated sensitizers (blue and red sensitizers) in the emulsion. Using multigrade filters, grades from 0 to 5 can be achieved by half grade steps.


Size: 24,1x30,5 CM (9,5x12 INCH)
Sheets: 25
Surface: Semi Gloss
Paper Grade: Variable
Darkrom Safelight: Red/Orange
Image Tone: Warm-black
Base: Fibre base 255 g
Whites: slightly damped
This box contains: 1,84 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)

The company Bergger, in France, has brought a new multi-contrast fine art paper to the market. Bergger was, like many others, affected by Forte's closure in 2006, but found another partner in Harman Technologies.

According to independent information from Harman Technologies, this is a true OEM product with it's own properties, not just a repackaged Ilford paper.

Bergger Prestige Variable CBS FB Semi Gloss 8x10 Inch 10 Sh

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