Awagami Mitsumata White 95gsm A4 20 SheetsAWMWA4

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Awagami Mistumata White 95gsm A4 20 Sheets

‘Mitsumata Double Layered’ is two-layered laminated paper; the top printing side being composed of 100% mitsumata fiber while the back ‘peel-away” side is composed of pulp. * The paper has a smooth elegant appearance that exudes a subtle natural gloss. Separate the layers from one corner fist and attach to middle of a tube or cylinder. Slowly roll tube with paper across the sheet to gently pull the layers apart as you roll. Recommended for fine art, black & white photos, scrolls or antique print reproductions

*After peeling, the printed sheet will be approximately 1/3 third the original thickness.

  • weight: 95gsm
  • thickness: 0.18mm
  • material: Mitsumata (Printable front side) / Wood pulp (peelaway side)
  • ph: neutral


Awagami Mitsumata White 95gsm A4 20 Sheets

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