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Awagami Inkjet Paper Sample Pack Pro 20 Sheets

Awagami Inkjet Papers (AIJP)
have been specifically developed for high quality inkjet printing. Every acid-free sheet of Awagami Inkjet Paper retains the fine organic texture, uniquely tactile feel  and traditional look of Japanese Washi paper while improving on common washi print issues of the past; such as inaccurate color reproduction and color bleed. All AIJP papers are specially coated in order to enhance ink fastness and printing quality.

Awagami Inkjet Paper is made with the finest quality fibers; created to meet the highest standards of professional photographers and artists. Each sheet has been made with knowledge gained through nearly 300 years of papermaking.

This pack contains 1 A4 sheet of:

Kozo Thin White
Kozo Thin Natural
Kozo Thick White
Kozo Thick Natural
Kozo Double Layered
Inbe Thin White
Inbe Thick White
Inbe Extra Thick White
Unryu Thin
Bamboo Paper 170 gsm
Bamboo Paper 220 gsm
Bamboo Paper 250 gsm
Murakumo Kozo Select White
Murakumo Kozo Select Natural
Mitsumata Double Layered
Bizan Natural (Handmade paper)
Bizan White  (Handmade paper)
Premio Kozo White
Premio Inbe
Premio Unryu




Awagami Inkjet Pro Sample Pack A4 20 Sheets

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