Awagami Bamboo 170gsm A2 10 SheetsAWBM1A2

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Awagami Bamboo 170gsm A2 10 Sheets

Awagami Bamboo is a fine organic choice for artist and photographer alike, exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. This dense but soft paper was originally developed for traditional printmaking and is made with the utmost care for longevity. Sheets (and rolls) have been specially coated for digital printing on both sides. One side exhibits a soft smoother finish and the other a slightly more tactile finish.

Awagami Inkjet Paper (AIJP) is a revolutionary WASHI (Japanese paper) collection intended for high quality inkjet printing for photographers, fine artists and designers. Every acid-free sheet of Awagami Inkjet Paper retains the fine organic texture and traditional look of washi.

Awagami Inkjet Paper preserves the uniquely tactile feel of washi while improving on common washi print issues of the past ie. inaccurate colour reproduction and colour bleed. All of the Awagami Inkjet papers are specially coated in order to enhance ink fastness and printing quality, maximizing the creative potential of your inkjet experience. Awagami Inkjet Paper is made with the finest quality fibres in order to meet the high standards of professional photographers and artists. It is the highest professional quality WASHI for use with full-colour inkjet printers.

Awagami Bamboo is ideal for full colour inkjet printing, monochrome inkjet printing, photographs and illustrations.

Suitable for pigment and dye based inks. Coated both sides. Acid free, no OBAs, pH neutral.

Please note, as washi papers are made of purely natural materials, very subtle variations can occasionally occur - adding to the unique organic and traditional washi look and feel.


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Awagami Bamboo 170gsm A2 10 Sheets

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