Ars-Imago PE Paper Eco Developer 1000mlARSPE1L

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ARS-IMAGO PE is an ecological, ascorbic-acid and dimezone-based developer for black and white paper. The developer gives an excellent tonal range and a neutral tone with most papers. The intensity of blacks can be adjusted by changing the dilution.



Dilute the concentrated liquid with running water. The developer is ready to use after carefully stirring the working solution.

Standard dilution 1+9.

It can also be used with 1+7 dilution, in order to obtain higher contrast and deeper blacks. The volume of the required working solution depends on the trays’ dimensions.



Keep the temperature as constant as possible and close to 20°C for optimal (or excellent)* and reproducible results.

The best way to calculate the correct developing time is to multiply by 10 the time an image takes to appear (when the first dark tones start showing) on paper. For example, if the first details take 10 seconds to appear, the correct developing time would be 100 seconds.

Ars-Imago PE Paper Eco Developer 1000ml

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