Adox MCP 310 RC Gloss 12x16 Inch 25 Sh SPECIAL ORDER1127

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Adox MCP310 RC Gloss 12x16 Inch 25 Sheets

ADOX MCP RC Paper (formerly known as Agfa MCP RC Paper)

Variable contrast PE paper with neutral image tone and high light sensitivity.MCP is, along with Ilford Multigrade IV, the last top-quality paper left on the market. The Agfa engineers managed to create a highly complex emulsion structure, which provides an excellent contrast range and shadow detail as well as a very fine tunabel gradation control.

MCP is laser-compatible and suitable for short exposure times.

  • Size: 30,5x40,6 CM (12x16 INCH)
  • Sheets: 25
  • Surface: High Gloss (RC)
  • Paper Grade: Variable
  • Darkrom Safelight: Red/Orange
  • Image Tone: Neutral- to Warmtone
  • Base: RC
  • This box contains: 3,1 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)

Contrast grades: 00-5

Darkroom light: Red, orange, light yellow


Glossy (310)
Semi-matte/pearl (312)

Adox MCP 310 RC Gloss 12x16 Inch 25 Sh SPECIAL ORDER

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