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Adox MCC 110 FB Gloss 5x7 Inch 100 Sheets

Size 12,7x17,8 CM (5x7 INCH)
Sheets 100
Surface Natural Gloss
Paper Grade Variable
Darkrom Safelight Red/Orange
Image Tone Neutral- to Warmtone
Base Fibre base 255 g
This box contains 2,26 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)

 MCC 110 Fiber Paper

Variable contrast fiber paper of the highest quality. Carton weight. MCC is the most technologically sophisticated fiber paper in the world. The Agfa engineers succeeded in creating a highly complex emulsion based on 4 individual emulsion layers, which - over the complete tonal range from light to dark - provide exceptionally good tonal differentiation and contrast range.

The paper allows for short exposure times, is highly light sensitive, has absolute stability from batch to batch (pracitically no variations whatsoever) and offers the highest DMAX of all paper on the market. It produces wonderful warm tone images in a warm tone developer, and a crisp cold tone in cold tone developer.


This new paper is, in contrast to the original Agfa Version 110, coated on a pure white paper base.


Adox MCC 110 FB Gloss 5x7 Inch 100 Sheets

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