Adox Atomal 49 To Make 1000 ml14535

  • Cost:

    • £4.74 inc VAT
    • £3.95 + £0.79 VAT
  • Powder to make: 1000 ml´s
  • Type: Kompensating-Finest Grain-Speed Enhancing
  • Mixing: Stock-Solution
  • Shipping: Germany and many other countries possible*
  • Capacity: 10 Films

Film Developer

ATOMAL 49 is an extra-fine grain, compensating developer which offers both excellent use of film speed and high contrast control.

The powder developer mixes to make 1 liter stock solution. The stock solution can be used for up to ten films, or further diluted for use a single-shot developer. Dilution makes temperature control easier, and as a single-use developer ATM 49 delivers precise, repeatable results on each roll of film.

Stock solution can be kept in a fully filled container for upu to 6 weeks.

Formerly known as Calbe A49.


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Adox Atomal 49 To Make 1000 ml

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