Adox Adotol-Konstant to make 5000 ml Paper Developer25380

  • Cost:

    • £7.01 inc VAT
    • £5.84 + £1.17 VAT
  • Powder to make: 5000 ml´s
  • For: Black and White
  • Tone: Neutral-Tone
  • Gradation: Normal
  • Shipping: Germany and many other countries possible*
  • Capacity: 20 SQM´s paper

Adotol Konstant Universal Paper Eveloper
(Identical to the Calbe N 113)

Powder developer with high working capacity, which produces a neutral-black image tone. It works consistently until failure and is very long-lasting. This developer will remain fresh for a long time, even when left uncovered in a tray.

Powder developer will outlast any liquid concentrate developer in terms of shelf-stability and working capacity.

Available in powder to make:
• 1 Liter

• 5 Liter

Hint: You can easily mix up 5 liters of liquid in a bucket and then split it into five 1-liter storage bottles. The developer will remain fresh for 6 months to 1 year in a fully-filled bottle.


Only can be shipped withing the EU. This chemical can't be shipped outside the EU.

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Adox Adotol-Konstant to make 5000 ml Paper Developer

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