Adox Adofix Plus 1L Concentrate56820

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Adox Adofix Plus 1L Concentrate

  • Concentrate 1000 ml´s For Black and White
  • Shipping Restrictions (Dangerous Goods):  No Restrictions / Worldwide Shipping Possible
  • Capacity: 20 SQM´s paper
  • Capacity: 100 Films

Based on the original Agefix recipe this fixer is more complex in it´s formulation than the standard ADOFIX. Especially the buffering system contains more substances which makes ADOFIX Plus last longer in the open tray and gives it a bit of extra capacity.

General recomendations for liquid fixers: Liquid fixers stay fresh if kept unopened for about 2 years.
After opening the concentrate shall be used up within about 3 months.
I case of flockulation or sulfuric fumes the fixer cannot be used anymore.







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Adox Adofix Plus 1L Concentrate

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