ADOX Easy Print RC 311 High Gloss (RC) 10x15 100s VC34515

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RC Variable Contrast Paper with neutral image tone and high light sensitivity. Normal weight RC base.Excellent tonal differentiation, especially in the middle and darker tone ranges. The Easy Print paper is easy to work with, dries quickly, and doesn't curl. The ideal paper for school photography, or for daily use. Easy Print is a multi-contrast paper. With an ADOX filter set you can print all contrast grades (from 00 - 5) with just one package of paper.

The paper is safe for use with most darkroom lighting. Red or orange lights can be used. Easy Print is packed in inexpensive small packages to cater to the needs of beginners. Educational institutes get a 12% rebate on Easy Print purchases.

  • Contrast grades: 00-5
  • Darkroom light: red or orange
  • Available in glossy (311) or matte (312)


Size: 24,1x30,5 CM (9,5x12 INCH)
Sheets: 10
Surface: High Gloss (RC)
Paper Grade: Variable
Darkrom Safelight: Red/Orange
Image Tone: Cold Tone
Base: RC
Whites: Bright white
This box contains: ,74 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)


ADOX Easy Print RC 311 High Gloss (RC) 10x15 100s VC

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