3M Spray Mount Small 200ml76041

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3M Spray Mount 200ml

Fast, reliable and convenient, SprayMount adhesive is the choice of the Art and Design Market. The key benefits of the Spray Mount adhesive is that it allows repositioning for up to 12 hours when sprayed on one surface, and for up to 2 hours when applied to both surfaces. Once the SprayMount Adhesive sets, the spray adhesive provides a secure, long term bond that will not become brittle with age. SprayMount adhesive is ideal for creating and mounting mock ups, mounting designs, photos and illustrations, picture displays, working with exhibition boards, lightweight materials, and theatre sets.
Not to be regarded as archival, the long established 3M products are convenient for RC or inkjet mounting. Not a good solution for even temporarily mounting fibre-based prints.

3M Spray Mount Small 200ml

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