Silverprint 6X6 Cyanotype Cotton Lime 25 packSKU1613L1

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Silverprint 6x6 Cyanotype Cotton Lime 25 pack

Please check stock levels before ordering, shipping time 1-16 days max depending on stock levels

Pre-Washed and Pre-Treated

250 Thread count

Ready for Sun Printing

Made of 100% Natural Fibres


Both Sides Can Be Printed

Durable for Repeat Rinsing

Final Print Can Be Embellished

Enclosed in Black Light-Safe Bag

If needed, make sure iron has no water in; any water on treated cotton will creates spots on the print!

Iron with dry iron, no steam settings! Please use Cotton settings on Iron.

Ideal for:

Alternative process




Post Care: Instructions:

Machine wash, with cold water

Use non-phosphate detergent

Only tumble dry on medium heat

Iron on cotton settings



Silverprint 6X6 Cyanotype Cotton Lime 25 pack

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