Rollei Vintage 111 FB Glossy 9.5x12 Inch 20 sheetsR111V13

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Rollei Vintage 111 is a variable-contrast black and white silver gelatin photo paper on a fiber base.

The contrast can be controlled using color filters during exposure with results ranging from extra soft to ultra hard. Due to its simplicity, this paper is of interest to both hobbyists and professionals. Rollei Vintage 111 fiber-based paper was originally introduced to allow photographers to continue their series started on Agfa Multicontrast 111. When processing Rollei Vintage 111, we recommend a somewhat stronger concentration of Neutol WA (1 + 7) or even better, Rollei RPN because of the higher maximum density.


Rollei Vintage 111 FB Glossy 9.5x12 Inch 20 sheets

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