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Rodinal R09 120 ml (Compard R09 One Shot 120ml)


Rodinal R09 120 ml (Compard R09 One Shot) is a traditional one-shot developer for black and white films according to the original Rodinal recipe. R09 One Shot is a focus-boosting film developer with exceptional acutance and high speed yield. The subject contrast can be influenced by varying the dilution of the concentrate. Dilution: 1 + 25 or 1 + 50 (drum processing). Yield (500 ml): 48 roll films or 35 mm films.

Very economical and extremely sharp working, with high acutance which increases as it is diluted, as does the 'compensating' effect which levels out excessive contrast range when shooting in very bright conditions.
Amazing keeping properties - although the colour gets darker as it ages it keeps on working. We have a 1977 bottle which was still working ok when tested in 2002!

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Rodinal R09 120 ml (Compard R09 One Shot 120ml)

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