Moersch Warm Paper Develper 270ml 1+91079

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Moersch Warm Paper Developer 270ml  1+9

Universal developer for all paper emulsion types. The developer works very quickly with a development time of around 60 to 75 seconds at 20°C using the normal 1+9 dilution. This dilution, however, is only recommended for processing Resin Coated (RC or PE) papers or for impatient Fibre Based (FB or Baryta) workers.

It produces a neutral to warm tone image which is highly dependent upon the particular paper being used; with Cold Tone papers or those with developer accelerators within the paper itself, the tone is neutral to warm with a tendency towards the green. Warm Tone papers have brownish nuances if developed for not longer than 70 seconds. Above this and over 90 seconds the image becomes markedly more green. A light selenium toning afterwards (diluted to 1+50 to 1+200) will remove the greens and make the image tone somewhat cooler and release the deepest blacks.

Due to the very high capacity of the developer the optimal dilution is 1+20 and a developing time of 2 minutes at 20°C is recommended. With greater dilutions increase the developing time.

The working solution is highly stable and keeps in fully filled containers for a number of weeks.


Moersch Warm Paper Develper 270ml  1+9

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