Moersch Separol WA Print Developer1047

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Moersch Separol WA Print Developer

This is a paper developer for warm-black picture tone. Comes as a powder mixture + 50ml stabilizer soloution to prepape 12 litres of working solution. Hydroquinone free.

By the use of Separol NE, Soft and HE, the picture tone can be varied by adding one of the supplied ŮPicture tone stabilizersÓ within the limits of the used paper. Picture tones vary between brownish-black up to neutral-black when the stabilizer is not been added. We would suggest adding at least half of the stabilizer, the best results on cold tones can be obtained when the whole amount of 50ml is used.

Dilution: The stock has to be diluted 1+5 with water. The working solution keeps well for a few weeks.
Capacity: 1 litre for approx. 30 sheets, sized 24x30cm
Developing times: 2:30 _ 3 minutes at 20ŃC
Moersch Separol WA Print Developer

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