Miggo Agua Stormproof Holster 35 SLR BBAM101

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    • £44.99 inc VAT
    • £37.49 + £7.50 VAT

Agua Quick-draw Storm-proof Holster 35 Medium DSLR


Suitable for entry-level medium size DSLRs and Bridge (Superzoom) cameras, the agua 35 is an IPX3-standard storm-proof camera-carrier. It is different than common water-resistant camera carriers because it allows intuitive quick-drawing of the camera. agua 35's quick- adjusting padded strap allows perfect fit to the user's body. The agua 35's special structure allows the photographer to comfortably carry his camera close to the body in any weather - rain, snow, sandstorm or even in a dense urban environment, without worrying about the fate of his expensive equipment - and draw it quickly and with ease at the right moment to capture a perfect shot.  

Miggo Agua Stormproof Holster 35 SLR BB

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