Medix Xg Xray Film 35x35cm1014XRAY

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General Information

MEDIX XG is a double coated high-quality, high-contrast,
low-fog and low-noise medical X-ray film.
MEDIX XG is designed for general use in radiography with
green-emitting intensifying screens, for example Agfa CP-G
Screens (100, 200, 400); CAWO OG (2, 4, 8, 16); Rarex
Green Fine (100), Medium (200), Regular (400)... The film
speed is adapted to special applications according to
contemporary international standards. MEDIX XG can be
used with excellent results in angiography where it gives
sharp and detailed images of even the smallest blood
vessels. The film ist outstanding for the imaging of bone
structures images, allowing even the detection of hairline

MEDIX XG ensures excellent stability in all types of
processing chemicals designed for 90 second processing.
The toe of the characteristic curve ensures high contrast
over low densities of the image.
MEDIX XG is produced on a blue dimensionally-stable
polyester base 0.175 mm thick. Images on a blue coloured
base can be evaluated easier and are more agreeable to
look at. On both sides the film is furnished with a supercoat
against mechanical damage and the building up of
electrostatic charges.
MEDIX XG is available in sheets from 13x18 to
35.6x43.2 cm, possibly in non-standard sizes in a box by
100 sheets.
Darkroom illumination

The film is processed at yellow or diode safety illumination
with wavelength of 660 nm and higher. Length of exposure
and a distance of the processed material from the
illumination source should be tested.

MEDIX XG should be processed in roller processors with 90
second processing time. For best results, Foma LP-D
Developer and Fomafix + Fomafix H rapid fixer are recommended.

MEDIX XG should be stored in an intact original packaging
in a dry and cool place at temperatures of max. 25oC and
350 400 450 500 550 600
Wavelength [nm]
relative humidities of 40 to 50 %, protected from harmful
evaporations, gases and ionizing radiation. The boxes
should be stored in the vertical position.

Medix Xg Xray Film 35x35cm

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