Konig Camouflaged Wildlife Camera138360

  • Cost:

    • £95.99 inc VAT
    • £79.99 + £16.00 VAT

Camouflaged, weatherproof camera with integrated LCD display to record wildlife videos and images. It is also suitable for object surveillance.

• Resistant against water and snow (IP44)

• Captures high quality pictures or record HD video (720p).

• Can be used as a portable camera.

• 940 nm LED

Stock may vary, please enquire about stock levels.

Important:sometimes the IR filter is in front of the lens, when the camera is turned off. The camera is not faulty. When the camerais on, it will fix itself to the right placein front of the lens.

Full Manufacturer specification: http://www.konigelectronic.com/en_us/security/recording/550531029



Konig Camouflaged Wildlife Camera

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