CHM 100 135 36 Exposures Universal Film57055

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CHM 100 135 36 Exposures Universal Film

Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format:  35 mm
Speed ISO:  100/21°
Length:  36 Exposures
Featured in book Bright white 

CHM 125 is back (in the form of CHM 100)!
We presented this film the first time in 2004 in Germany. During the last years it was sold under the Kentmere 100 brand. Because the *original* Kentmere 100 is difficult to source today we decided to bring back CHM 100. CHM 100 can be exposed and developed identically as APX 100 NEW, RPX 100 and (surprise!) Kentmere 100. Also Developing times of FP4 are close (but not identical).

CHM 100 is a robust 100 ASA Black and white film of a highest quality manufacturer from old Europe.
It is ideal for getting to know analog photography. easy to use and with an excellent value.

36 Exposures
100 ASA / 21° DIN




CHM 100 135 36 Exposures Universal Film

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