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Bundle of Adox Neutol Eco 1000 ml Concentrate + Adox Adofix Plus 1000 ml Concentrate

Bundle contains:

- ADOX Neutol Eco 1000 ml Concentrate
- ADOX ADOFIX Plus 1000 ml Concentrate

ADOX NEUTOL ECO 1000 ml Concentrate
Neutol ECO is a hydroquinone free high power paper developer based on ascorbic acid. There are no restrictions in respect to current hazmat labeling for the use, transport and discarding of this product.
This makes Neutol Eco ideal for schools and workshops. There are no downturns in quality or process speed. In fact Neutol Eco is actually faster working than comparable hydroquinone containing developers.

• Excellent activity and fast image build up with very good speed utilisation
• Excellent Dmax
• Very low base fogg
• Higher process speed thus possible to work with lower temperatures than with conventional developers 

Regular Dilution: 1+4 (capacity: ca. 5qm/liter)
High Dilution: 1+9 (capacity ca. 4qm/liter)

Developing time for PE-Paper at 20°C: 50 sec.
Developing time for Fibre Based-Paper- at 20°C: 90 sec.

ADOX ADOFIX Plus 1000 ml Concentrate
Based on the original Agefix recipe this fixer is more complex in it´s formulation than the standard ADOFIX. Especially the buffering system contains more substances which makes ADOFIX Plus last longer in the open tray and gives it a bit of extra capacity. General recomendations for liquid fixers: Liquid fixers stay fresh if kept unopened for about 2 years. After opening the concentrate shall be used up within about 3 months.
I case of flockulation or sulfuric fumes the fixer cannot be used anymore.

Bundle Of Adox Neutol ECO & Adofix Plus 1L Concentrate

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