Bouncelite Adventure Gel KitABL-KA1

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Bouncelite Adventure Gel Kit

101 - Yellow (sunlight and window effect – pleasant in acting areas)
768 - Egg Yolk Yellow (a bold strong chemical yellow, less orange/red than orange)
106 - Primary Red (strong red effect. Good with cyclorama lighting)
716 - Mikkel Blue (A romantic blue to produce a night effect)
343 - Special Medium Lavender (good for theatre and TV effect lighting and backlighting)
049 - Medium Purple (a strong cheerful glow, good for cycloramas and pantomimes)
090 - Dark Yellow Green (highlighting for forest effects)
172 - Lagoon Blue (A floodlit warm wash. Great for underwater scenes and ballet)
210 - 0.6ND (reduces light 2 stops, without changing colour)
209 - 0.3ND (reduces light 1 stop, without changing colour)

Bouncelite Adventure Gel Kit

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