ARCA-SWISS Monoball Z1 SP Quick set device classic801103

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The size and weight of the ball heads have been significantly reduced. The ball and fastening are now assembled using a patented bayonet mount. Various accessories can thus be quickly mounted to adapt the tripod as required.

In addition to the proven, patented Arca-Swiss features, including aspherical ball heads, axial clamping and PMF (progressive motion related friction control), the Z-Series also boasts new technical developments and optimized materials and coatings. The Z series can withstand an incredible 59 kg off-axis.

This model is the SP version, which features a single panning base. The Z1 head is also available as the DP version, with a double panning design.

Ever since their introduction over forty years ago, the Arca Swiss Monoballs have been at the forefront of quality and performance. Today, their unique shape (an ellipse rather than a sphere) is still what separates them from all others. With other ball heads, no matter how good the tension modulation, you invariably will need to increase the tension control as you move the load away from the centre. This is because gravity has a greater effect on gear when not perfectly level.

Quick Release plates sold separately

  • The Arca Swiss Monoball eliminates the need to modulate the tension, because its elliptical nature corrects it by virtue of its own design. The load stays exactly where you tell it to once it's locked into position. A separate control is set to apply a constant minimum friction, which allows the photographer the peace of mind that comes with knowing that his gear will never move of its own volition. The heavier the equipment, the more the advantages of the Arca Swiss become evident.
  • The ball head includes the Arca style quick release system for quick mounting and dismounting of cameras. This head now features the restyled quick release clamp, which features spring-loaded detent pins on both ends that project into the pockets or windows that are cut into the bottom of most manufactures quick release plates. Detent pins will prevent the plate from accidentally sliding out in the event that the knob is partially loosened. It also features a bubble level built in directly to the clamp.
  • A tension adjustment thumb-dial is built into the indexed friction control knob.
  • Base diameter of 69mm (2.7 Inch), excluding knobs
ARCA-SWISS Monoball Z1 SP Quick set device classic

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