AP Slide Cutter 35mmAPSC

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    • £5.95 inc VAT
    • £4.96 + £0.99 VAT

AP Slide Cutter 35mm

  • For Cutting 35mm, 126, and 110 Films
  • Engraved Markings for Standard Sizes
  • Sharp Blade for Accurate Cutting
  • Blister Packaging

A convenient accessory for cutting down rolls of 35mm, 126, and 110 roll films, this Film Cutter from AP Photo Group features a sharp blade and engraved markings for accurately trimming film strips. Markings are available for 18 x 24mm, 24 x 24mm, 24 x 36m, and 28 x 28mm standard frame sizes.

AP Slide Cutter 35mm

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